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Did you know that the amount of energy we need for an entire year can be generated by the amount of sunlight that strikes the earth in one minute?

Agsun Corporation can help you enjoy the benefits of solar electricity by installing solar panels on your home or business.

Servicing your solar equipment is necessary for it to run properly, so it’s good to know you can count on Agsun to take care of your needs.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar Electric or Photovoltaic Technology

To harness that power, solar electric or photovaltaic (PV) technology provides clean, efficient power that helps reduce your electricity bills and America’s dependence on imported energy, while helping our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Make Money

Reduce your electricity bills when you have Agsun Corporation install a solar electric system because you generate power whenever there is sunlight.  Take advantage of federal tax credits to help you offset the cost of  your commercial or residential solar electric system.

Save the Earth

By installing solar panels, you produce clean, green energy and reduce your dependency on imported energy.  You’ll also cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and create more jobs.

Low Maintenance

Solar electric systems have an expected life of over 50 years.  A grid-connected system is a generator without moving parts.  Fixed-mounted systems have no moving parts and require no maintenance.

Material Warranty

Agsun Corporation works with manufacturers such as Sanyo, Matrix, Evergreen, Sharp and others, who provide our customers with material warranties of up to 25 years or more for materials.  We service all materials after installation is complete.

Focus on Energy

Agsun Corporation is an experienced, full-service installer whose partnership with Focus on Energy allows us to provide our customers with a resource for assistance.  Focus on Energy offers Cash-back Rewards.

Proven Technology

Crystalline cell technology is a way to generate electricity from solar panels.  Solar energy generated from photovoltaics is clean and integral part of our future.


Simple, easy and out of the way


Used when the roof is not adaptable.


Can be fixed or tracking 

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